Fixed Tiffin


Food and health is a matter of interest for most conscious people today. Good food not only im-proves your physical health but also changes your mood, can make you feel lighter and improve your performance in your daily life.

In hustle and bustle of life, people tend to compromise majorly on the kind, quality and amount of food they eat, which, in turn, causes numerous health issues, especially for people in jobs with long, demanding hours who tend to skip meals or eat any kind of junk food that is readily available to them. Our tiffin meal preparation service offers a proper solution for such situations.


& Catering

We are different because:

  • We are a customized tiffin service.
  • Everyone knows we serve fresh food.
  • We do not use any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Your food is packed in clean, specially made and thermal-resistant containers. (Called “Tiffin” in India)
  • Fresh vegetables of the best quality are procured to ensure that the food that you eat is good for your health.
  • Our experienced chefs ensure that the food you eat has the perfect mix of spices, ensuring that it is not too spicy or oily, but at the same time, very tasty.
  • The food that we offer is just the way your food is cooked at home.
  • We offer a fulfilling and properly cooked meal to support you and your busy schedule, for times when you are “out of sight, out of mind". At Am Spice of India, we will always provide you with well-balanced and tasty meals.
  • Our fixed menu tiffin services is an excellent option, having free home and office delivery within a 5 mile radius from the location of our restaurant. This option is offered in support of a busy schedule, saving you lots of precious time, time that is better spent in fruitful office work or relaxing during the recess at office, therefore improving the efficiency & productivity of your mind.
  • Before offering monthly plans, we will offer weekly plans for testing purposes. Weekly plans are $100 per week.



Affordable prices.

Customized meals start at a monthly price of $ 360-$1350, ranging from one person to a couple, and either lunch or dinner to lunch & dinner. We offer these meals Monday-Saturday. Closed Sundays & government or national holidays during the month on scheduled dates & times.

Note: Tiffin deliveries may be available on Sundays and holidays at customer’s request.