Who we are

About AM Spices of India

We serve exclusively pure vegetarian food at AM Spices of India. Additionally, it is always our greatest intention to provide exceptional, personalized services. Our delicious food is cooked with love and simplicity. What you see is just what you get. .

We cook pure vegetarian food without any use of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our food is cooked fresh, always. For to-go orders and home and office deliveries, our food is packed in convenient and disposable containers.

Free Deliveries!

  • We offer free delivery within a 5-mile radius of our restaurant for orders over $50.
  • For orders within a 5-10 mile radius, we offer free delivery for orders over $100.
  • We offer free delivery for our Tiffin Service
  • There is a $5 delivery charge for orders under $50 within a 5 mile radius of our restaurant and $7.50 for the deliveries within a 5-10 mile radius.
  • We accept direct online orders and through GrunHub, Delivery.Com, Menufy.com and Delivered Dish



  • Carry out / Pick up / Take out

    Carryout/pick up orders may be made by phone at 505-492-3570 or 505-508-3712 or by fax at 505-903-7840.
  • Catering Services:

    We are excited to offer catering services for small functions on pre-scheduled occasions within the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas. Our catering customers are always more than satisfied!

    Tiffin Services:

    An idea we have brought from India, we now offer Tiffin delivery on a regular weekly or monthly basis. For further inquiries, please contact at 505-492-3570 or 505-508-3712, fax us at 505-903-7840 or simply email amspicesofindia@gmail.com.
  • Telephonic payments:

    We accept telephonic payments for the deliveries / pick up / take out items or otherwise.
  • Buffet: Available 7 Days a week
    If you are interested in trying a delicious meal with us, but are not sure what to order, we highly recommend our buffet. In our buffet, we offer many carefully-prepared dishes for your enjoyment. It is the perfect way to sample all of our tasty dishes in one sitting!

  • We know your time is limited, so we have provided two convenient options for buffet dining (lunch or dinner).

Our Speciality

Though all items we offer are specially made with the upmost care, the following 11 items are favorites of our esteemed customers. You can always expect them made fresh for you, in our own unique styles and recipes. We are proud to say these are the items our esteemed custom-ers have appreciated MOST!

  1. Indian – Pure vegetarian – Buffet (Open all business days from 11:00 am to the dinner time with periodic refill and the addition of fresh batches)
  2. Indian Meal of the Day
  3. Authentic Gujarati Dinner
  4. Dosa
  5. Uthhapam
  6. Idly-Sambhar
  7. All Time Specials & Combo plates
  8. Evening Special Chaats
  9. Samosas & Samosa Chat
  10. Masala Chai Tea
  11. Masala Milk

Buffet: Available 7 Days a week

Double Plate Multi-Bowl Buffet ($10.95)

All unlimited food for a person from the buffet table as mentioned above at (1) Plus
 Additional items from the kitchen:

    1. Poories or Chapatti (three)
    2. Raita (a small bowl)
    3. Chef’s Choice of Farsan, like Samosa.
    4. Chef’s Choice of Sweet like Gulab Jamun

To-go option is also available for the buffet, who don’t want to eat in the restaurant due to time constrain or otherwise!



A Glimps of Our Restaurant